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She‘s kind of like the calm before the storm. That energy that you feel before the first raindrops let you know you where right all along.

The 22 year old swiss artist has a talent to capture her feelings and emotions in a way that her audience feels understood and can build a strong connection. The Grisons native knows how to use her dreamy voice skilfully. Whether in the studio or live – her songs are intense and stirring, always with a touch of melancholy. Through her honest songwriting she hits the listeners where it’s most beautiful, the heart.

In 2021 she was third placed in the legendary bandXost contest. Within a very short time ANIKK was able to attract the attention of the Swiss media. Whether in an interview with Kurt Aeschbacher or several appearances on RTR, the national TV and radio station. She was also selected as one of the artists for the series „Top Pop Rumantsch“ at RTR – a program by the ratio station to promote young artists. In 2023 her debut singles and EP will be released.



  Natalie Steiger: Management & Booking


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